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The E-Lodge tax calculator will assist you in estimating your tax refund or how much you’ll owe to the ATO. If you are already familiar with using our tool, you can access it HERE. However, if you want to know more about the benefits, take a look at some of our blog posts below.

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Tax Calculator 2017 FAQ

Curious about your tax refund 2017? Let’s take a look.

With our Australian Tax Calculator 2017you can see your refund or tax due amount in no time at all. We’ve accumulated the most frequently asked questions about using our calculator to put your mind at ease.

What information will I need to use the E-Lodge tax calculator 2017?

You’ll want to have as much of your tax information on hand as possible, but, if you do not have access to all of the necessary documents, no worries! Our calculator will provide a close estimate with the information you do have. Some of the information that we will prompt you for is included in the list below:

  • Basic household information
  • Centrelink and Retirement
  • Investments and Business Income
  • Health Insurance and Medical Expenses
  • Education Debt
  • Work-related Expenses
  • Charitable Donations

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Tax Calculator 2016: How Much Will You Get Back?

There’s a reason why we taste before indulging, date before marrying and look before crossing.

It’s the commitment factor that is holding us back. The same is true when it comes to lodging your taxes.

There are no certainties in life. When it comes to a wedding, calories, and your tax refund, you want to make sure you’re getting the very best. Let’s see why we think you’ll find that in our 2015-2016 Australian Tax Calculator.

You appreciate the simple things.

That’s what matters, right? The E-Lodge Tax Calculator is the easiest to use and can be completed in just 3 steps:

  1. Enter your personal information. We don’t need your name or email – just bits that would affect your tax situation (e.g. if you’re married, if you’re a resident, etc)
  2. Enter your income information. This will consist of your wages, Centrelink, retirement, etc.
  3. Enter your deduction and offset information. These can make or break your refund amount.

You value your time.

As do we! Our updated 2016 tax calculator will provide you with your tax amount in as little as 5 minutes. You’ll already have answers to the majority of questions we ask and the rest can be found on your PAYG and other income forms. We leave no room for surprises when you come back to lodge with us – you’ll know what to expect from using our calculator.

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Can I Use a Tax Calculator to See My 2015 Tax Back?

Searching for a comprehensive tax return calculator to help you figure your tax back? Look no further.

You can use the E-Lodge tax return calculator and get an accurate estimate of your 2014-2015 tax refund.

Other calculators out there will miscalculate your tax situation. They’ll leave you with a refund estimate far from the actual amount.

How To Use the E-Lodge Tax Return Calculator

Only a few steps  are involved to get an estimate of your tax back with the E-Lodge tax calculator.

First enter your:

  • residency status
  • age
  • gross taxable income
  • tax withheld
  • deductible expenses

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Use a Tax Refund Calculator to Estimate Your Tax Return

Get an estimate of your 2014-2015 refund with the E-Lodge tax calculator

We know you work hard throughout the financial year.

Chances are, a midst all of your hard work, you may be curious to know what your 2014-2015 tax refund will be.

The good news is that E-Lodge offers an easy-to-use, accurate tax refund calculator.

The E-Lodge tax back calculator is designed with you in mind.  It’s (super) easy-to-use, and you won’t be forced to create an account in order to use it (sites like E-Tax force users to register before even using their tax calculator).

Is it free to use?

Free means free. While using the tax calculator, we won’t ask you for any banking information, we won’t beg you to prepare your tax return with us (although we would love it if you did), and we promise to give you the best estimate possible!

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3 Steps to Estimate Tax Back with a Tax Return Calculator

Yes, you can get an estimate of your tax back or tax due with online tax calculator. 

The E-Lodge income tax calculator will calculate how much your tax refund will be this year.

If you’re not expecting a tax refund, the tax return calculator will instead tell you how much tax you owe on your taxable income for 2014-2015 financial year.

After following three simple steps, you’ll instantly see the tax calculator results.

To see your tax refund or tax due total, you’ll only need a few minutes! In fact, you can even use the E-Lodge tax calculator right now!

How to get your tax return estimate with the E-Lodge tax calculator

To see your tax refund or tax due for the 2014-2015 financial year,  follow these three steps;

Step 1- Enter your personal info

Step 2- Enter your income information

Step 3- Enter other details of your income

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3 Reasons To Use a Tax Back Calculator Now

Use a credible tax calculator to instantly see your refund amount

There are countless ways you’ll be able to use your tax back money. For example, you could;

  1. Finally take that (much needed) vacation
  2. Throw a party for your friends and family
  3. Buy yourself something nice
  4. Surprise your kids with that puppy they’ve been begging you for
  5. Anonymously send your nerdy best friend that first edition Harry Potter book set
  6. Pay off your (education, credit card, medical) debt
  7. Deposit it into a savings account

Although most are tempting, saving the extra money or opting to pay off your debt would make your mother proud (or your spouse).

We’ll let you decide how to spend it, but first you’ll need to know how much you’re getting back. To get the job done and calculate your estimate refund, use an accurate tax back calculator.

3 Reasons Why it’s a Great Idea to Use the E-Lodge Tax Calculator

Before you start planning that future vacation or the details to the party your hosting, you’ll first need to know how much you can spend (how much you can expect to see in tax back).

Naturally, you might go to the Australian Taxation Office website or another tax calculator site you may have heard about. Be careful.

Use tax calculator tools with caution.  Use a credible, reliable and comprehensive tax calculator. Use the E-Lodge calculator. Here’s three reasons why;

1. It’s quick! You’ll only need 5 minutes.

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How Much Will I Get Back? Australian Tax Calculator 2015

Use the E-Lodge Tax Calculator 2015 to see your tax refund or tax due

As the Australian tax season carries on, the anticipation of your expected tax refund or tax due may be growing by the day.

The unknown number might be lurking around in your mind. You might even have a few sleepless nights trying to calculate it all out in your head.

Instead of letting anxiety get the best of you, let us help you stop guessing with the E-Lodge 2015 tax calculator*!

*If you need to check on your current year refund or tax due amount, we also have a 2016 calculator available to you!


How to Calculate Your 2015 Taxes

To learn how much your tax refund or tax due will be this year you have two options;

  1. Use 2014-2015 tax return calculator
  2. Prepare your tax return

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How to Use the E-Lodge Tax Return Calculator 2015

E-Lodge’s tax back calculator can estimate your tax situation before it’s time to lodge your 2015 tax return!

Wondering what your tax refund or tax due will look like this year?

No problem. Each year, E-Lodge releases an updated tax calculator allowing you to get a sneak peek at your tax refund or tax due total.

In fact, the E-Lodge tax return calculator is now available for the 2014-2015 financial year!  

Thanks to the E-Lodge tax calculator, you’ll have a heads up on how much you’ll end up forking over to the ATO this year or how much the ATO will be forking over to you (via a tax refund)!

Then, once the 2015 tax season begins,  you can create an E-Lodge account and lodge your 2015 tax return

Is the E-Lodge tax return calculator 2015 easy to use?

Easy-to-use is an understatement. The tax calculator takes only a few minutes to complete and contains three basic steps:

  1. Income and Personal Information – such as gross taxable income, deductions from income, total tax withheld, etc.

  2. Income Test Items – such as reportable fringe benefits, employer superannuation contributions, tax-free government pensions, etc. Read the rest of this entry »