3 Reasons To Use a Tax Back Calculator Now

See your 2014 estimate tax return with the free E-Lodge tax back calculator. Other tax rebate calculators,(etax calculator) force you to create an account.

Use a credible tax calculator to instantly see your refund amount

There are countless ways you’ll be able to use your tax back money. For example, you could;

  1. Finally take that (much needed) vacation
  2. Throw a party for your friends and family
  3. Buy yourself something nice
  4. Surprise your kids with that puppy they’ve been begging you for
  5. Anonymously send your nerdy best friend that first edition Harry Potter book set
  6. Pay off your (education, credit card, medical) debt
  7. Deposit it into a savings account

Although most are tempting, saving the extra money or opting to pay off your debt would make your mother proud (or your spouse).

We’ll let you decide how to spend it, but first you’ll need to know how much you’re getting back. To get the job done and calculate your estimate refund, use an accurate tax back calculator.

3 Reasons Why it’s a Great Idea to Use the E-Lodge Tax Calculator

Before you start planning that future vacation or the details to the party your hosting, you’ll first need to know how much you can spend (how much you can expect to see in tax back).

Naturally, you might go to the Australian Taxation Office website or another tax calculator site you may have heard about. Be careful.

Use tax calculator tools with caution.  Use a credible, reliable and comprehensive tax calculator. Use the E-Lodge calculator. Here’s three reasons why;

1. It’s quick! You’ll only need 5 minutes.

With the E-Lodge tax return calculator, your tax back will instantly be calculated. Other websites, like the E-Tax calculator force you to create an account and sign into their service before even using their tax calculator.

No need to create an account when using the E-Lodge tax calculator.  After entering your basic tax information, you’ll instantly view the results of your estimate tax return.

2. It’s accurate! Other tax return calculators spit out miscalculated numbers.

There are other tax calculators out there but many fail to include important tax information and ultimately miscalculate your estimate tax return.

In other words, these websites take the word “estimate” to another level and simply spit out an approximate number. Even credible sites like the ATO tax calculator fail to include important data while calculating your tax return.

Why waste your time using a tax calculator that will leave you with a miscalculated number? You deserve better.

The E-Lodge tax calculator calculates your 2014 tax return through taking into account Australian tax margins, residency status, your income and expenses, tax offsets, etc.

3. It’s Free! Not only can you start a tax return for free with E-Lodge, you also can use our Free Tax Calculator. 

Don’t waste time nor cheat yourself of the best. Not only that but don’t waste your hard earned money.

The E-Lodge tax calculator is free to use. Without paying a fee, you’ll instantly get a good idea of your tax back total before lodging your taxes.

Your time is valuable- don’t waste it. Your money is valuable- don’t waste it.

Can you imagine promising your kids a fun packed vacation and later finding out your refund is barely enough to cover the costs of plane tickets? Or what if you sent out party invitations before discovering your actual refund is only enough to feed 30 guests rather than 100?

Avoid a potentially disastrous situation and use our Tax Calculator 2017 to instantly see how much your actual tax refund will be.

Before you know it, you’ll be on vacation relaxing to the max, walking that new puppy, or maybe finally paying off that nasty debt!

15/7/2014 Photo via Tracey Mahler on Flickr

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