How Much Will I Get Back? Australian Tax Calculator 2015

How Much Will I Get Back? Australian Tax Calculator 2015

Use the E-Lodge Tax Calculator 2015 to see your tax refund or tax due

As the Australian tax season carries on, the anticipation of your expected tax refund or tax due may be growing by the day.

The unknown number might be lurking around in your mind. You might even have a few sleepless nights trying to calculate it all out in your head.

Instead of letting anxiety get the best of you, let us help you stop guessing with the E-Lodge 2015 tax calculator*!

*If you need to check on your current year refund or tax due amount, we also have a 2016 calculator available to you!


How to Calculate Your 2015 Taxes

To learn how much your tax refund or tax due will be this year you have two options;

  1. Use 2014-2015 tax return calculator
  2. Prepare your tax return


Option 1: Use the E-Lodge Australian Tax Calculator

Time involved: 2-5 minutes

The first option is the easier, less-time consuming option of the two. Using a tax return calculator will give you a quick estimate of what your tax refund or tax due will look like.

Not only does the tax calculator give you a quick glance at your tax refund or tax liability, but you also won’t have to sign into an account or enter unnecessary personal information. You’ll simply enter the following information;

  • Gross taxable income
  • Deductions
  • Tax Withheld
  • Age
  • Residency

After entering your personal information, simply answer questions about other items that might affect your tax situation such as your; reportable fringe benefits, employer superannuation contributions, marital status, and number of dependents.


Option 2: Prepare your Tax Return 

Time involved: 10-45 minutes

The second option-to actually prepare your taxes– will provide you with a  precise number. Deciding to go ahead and prepare your taxes, the E-Lodge application will take into account all of your tax information and give you the exact amount of your tax refund or tax due.

With E-Lodge you can get started for free, enter your information, view your refund or tax due amount and log-out. Then, when you’re ready to checkout, you can log back in and submit your tax return! To see what our current customers have to say about their experience with us, click HERE.




Updated 13 July, 2016.

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  1. Chris Reeves says:

    If I have payed around 17000 in tax for the 2016/17 year what would I except in my return thanks re-christopher Reeves

  2. Tax Advisor says:

    Hello Chris,

    Your federal refund or tax liability depends on other factors other than tax paid throughout the year. Feel free to use Elodge’s 2016-2017 Tax Calculator to get an estimated tax due or refund.

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