Use a Tax Refund Calculator to Estimate Your Tax Return

E-Lodge offers a free tax refund calculator. Instantly get a 2014 tax return estimate or lodge your 2014 taxes now!

Get an estimate of your 2014-2015 refund with the E-Lodge tax calculator

We know you work hard throughout the financial year.

Chances are, a midst all of your hard work, you may be curious to know what your 2014-2015 tax refund will be.

The good news is that E-Lodge offers an easy-to-use, accurate tax refund calculator.

The E-Lodge tax back calculator is designed with you in mind.  It’s (super) easy-to-use, and you won’t be forced to create an account in order to use it (sites like E-Tax force users to register before even using their tax calculator).

Is it free to use?

Free means free. While using the tax calculator, we won’t ask you for any banking information, we won’t beg you to prepare your tax return with us (although we would love it if you did), and we promise to give you the best estimate possible!

Is it accurate?

The E-Lodge tax return calculator is one of the most accurate calculators in the industry. Here’s why;

  • the calculator takes into account more than just your income and tax withheld. Most calculator tools only provide users with an estimate.
  • you’ll be able to include details of your specific tax situation (such as your HECS/HELP debt, super contributions, etc). This translates to a more precise refund estimate.
  • the calculator correlates with the current ATO tax code. In other words, the tax calculator is updated each year

After entering your information, you’ll get an instant view of your estimate tax refund. The result page of the calculator will also provide you with a breakdown on your tax estimate.

To see an exactly precise refund amount from a fully comprehensive tax calculator, create an account and get started on your tax return.

Can I skip the calculator and start my tax return?

Although E-Lodge prides itself on a free accurate tax calculator, be mindful that our calculations are still estimates. With that said, you’re welcomed to skip estimating your refund and instead, wait until tax season to lodge your tax return.

We know you have more important things to do than waste time using a refund calculator that will ultimately mislead you.

Ready to see your tax refund? Use the tax return calculator today.

It’s Easier With E-Lodge™

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