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Introducing the New E-Lodge Mobile App

Lodge your tax return from the palm of your hand this season!

We can do it all from our phones; connect with friends on social media, order lunch, apply for a new job, find a babysitter for Friday night. Endless tasks are done through mobile apps. This is why our E-Lodge team chose to create an app where you can prepare and lodge your tax return. Just because you’ve been lodging tax the same way for as long as you can remember doesn’t mean it can’t keep up with what is happening now.

Let’s take a further look into everything the new E-Lodge app has to offer.


Prepare and lodge your tax return.

We’ve made lodging your tax return almost as easy as checking your Twitter feed! Okay, that may be a slight exaggeration, but it really IS easy. You’ll still have the ability to switch between your desktop, laptop, and tablet, picking up where you left off. Now you can add our mobile app to that list. This simplifies the process for you, letting you add in expenses or income that you remember when you’re on the go, or even lodge your tax return when you only have your phone with you. Just log into the app with your regular username and password, plug in any information you need to, save and go! Easy, right?


Use our Tax Calculators.

We offer two of our most popular website tools on the E-Lodge app: the tax calculator and the pay calculator. These two are both super helpful – depending on where we are in the financial year, beginning or end.

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Lodge Your Tax from a Mobile Phone or Tablet

You use your mobile phone for everything else. Why not lodge your taxes too?

Along with the rest of the world, Australians are replacing their PCs with smartphones and tablets. In fact, almost 90% of the Australian population are smartphone users and over 50% are tablet users.

There’s no need to lug around a laptop or sit at a desktop computer when instead, you can surf the web from absolutely anywhere- your couch, the laundromat, or even your favorite coffee shop. How? With E-Lodge, you can prepare your tax return right from your phone or tablet. E-Lodge is compatible with phones and tablets!


We have a NEW app

Keep us with you all the time now. Here are just some of the features we have to offer from our app:

  • Securely log into your account and track expenses and other tax information as you remember while on-the-go.
  • Access our tax and paycheck calculators so see if your tax withheld was accurate.
  • Contact our tax team straight from the app via your personal message board or email.
  • Prepare and submit your tax return for ATO acceptance.
  • Check the progress of your tax return.

Check us out on iTunes or Google Play to see ALL that the E-Lodge mobile app to offer!


Tips for Doing Taxes on a Mobile Phone or Tablet

We all know that you can do just about anything on your phone or tablet- plan a party, apply to a job, even find a date for tonight!

The question is, can you lodge your taxes on a phone or tablet? With E-Lodge you can!

Whether you have an iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy S phone, a Galaxy Note, an HTC, or just about any mobile device or tablet out there, you can use E-Lodge to complete your current and prior year taxes. You can even start on your phone and complete and submit your tax return on your desktop at home.

Regardless of what type of device you’re using, here are three simple tips all phone and tablet users should keep in mind;

  1. Download our NEW app on iTunes or Google Play: Our app makes your tax life that much simpler.
  2. Use the horizontal view instead of the vertical view: Flip your device so it’s flat across rather than up and down. Rotating your phone will enhance the screen view and allow you to see more of the E-Lodge page.
  3. Double check what you’ve entered: It’s no shock that with a keyboard the size of a matchbook on your phone, it’s easy for some of us to mistype.  Double check what you’ve typed. In taxation, every number and letter matters.


Start Your Tax Return from you Phone Today!

Thanks to the ease of the E-Lodge application, you can lodge your taxes from absolutely anywhere within 15 minutes, as opposed to other websites such as E-Tax!

Many sites out there aren’t compatible with phones or tablets. Don’t trust our word alone- see what an E-Lodge customer had to say:

“Only tax site I was able to use on my phone.”

-Chris from Urmina Beach, NSW

Don’t bother with turning on that old PC in order to get your taxes done.  Start now from any device!


Updated 27 July, 2016