Can I Use a Tax Calculator to See My 2015 Tax Back?

Can I Use a Tax Calculator to See My 2015 Tax Back?

Searching for a comprehensive tax return calculator to help you figure your tax back? Look no further.

You can use the E-Lodge tax return calculator and get an accurate estimate of your 2014-2015 tax refund.

Other calculators out there will miscalculate your tax situation. They’ll leave you with a refund estimate far from the actual amount.

How To Use the E-Lodge Tax Return Calculator

Only a few steps  are involved to get an estimate of your tax back with the E-Lodge tax calculator.

First enter your:

  • residency status
  • age
  • gross taxable income
  • tax withheld
  • deductible expenses

Then,  answer a few quick questions related to your:

  • marital status
  • dependents
  • fringe benefits
  • SFSS or HECS/HELP debt
  • employer superannuation contributions

That’s it!

The E-Lodge 2015 tax calculator is free to use and provides an instant tax estimate!

We won’t ask you for your email address or any other unnecessary information.

Click here to use the E-Lodge calculator today.

To see your exact refund amount, you’ll need to prepare your tax return. To do so, create an account on E-Lodge and enter the details of your tax situation.

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